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Mirage Yacht Vessel Custodial Services

Over the course of the last two decades, Mirage Yacht has seized, stored and provided custodial services for in excess of 600 vessels either directly or indirectly for the United States Marshals Service, Department of Justice, Customs & Border Patrol, Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Drug Enforcement Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and various other federal agencies. The vessel’s we have seized and were awarded custody of on behalf of the federal government have ranged from small rafts used for migrant smuggling all the way up to 60,000 ton cargo ships. We have been tasked with making arrests in United States territorial waters as well as locations throughout the world.



In addition to our government work, we also provide salvage and storage services for various insurance companies in instances of maritime casualties. Mirage Yacht also provides substitute custodial services and storage for civil seizures that may arise as a result of admiralty litigation or bank repossessions.